MindShare 2017

CLIENT : Student Advancement Foundation    LINK : MindShare 2017 Website


Develop MindShare 2017's theme and brand to attract participation in the event to bring attention to Grand Rapids Public Schools.


Bring community members together for one event that captures the role that education plays within the community.


Unite the community to fight for the same purpose: to provide kids with experiences they weren't able to have growing up.


To begin the process, we had a kick-off client meeting with Student Advancement Foundation.

After the meeting we began doing as much research as possible, looking in records and figuring out who the target audience was. We also conducted user interviews with event attendees to learn more about their past experiences.

Blue Sky

We also did a blue sky exercise to think of all the touchpoints that would be useful to have to build anticipation for the event, as well as touchpoints that would increase the experience the night of the event.



After going through discovery, we sat down together to create a calendar of events of expected deadlines to create an overall timeline for Student Advancement Foundation.

We also worked on creating the theme of the event, which was based on user feedback and research about SAF, and what they stand for.

We created word lists, mood boards, and images that reflected the tone and manner. We wanted to get a feel for what each of our ideas represented.


We worked on developing an identity with sketches to start thinking about what the event should look like.

After developing our three concepts, we gave a presentation to Student Advancement Foundation, explaining our the reasons behind our designs, and they chose which one the preferred.




My team and I went through iterations of prototypes for multiple different touchpoints. Some of them included the invitation, pledge card, program, emails, table numbers, and even doing a mail test for the invitation packet to verify that it sent properly.


As prototypes were finalized, I prepared the files for production. Once prepared for pre-press, I sent the files to the printer where we were able to proof and go on a press check.

Press Check
Press Check

While on the press check, we were able to make sure that colors came out properly, that there were no print errors or dust on the plates, and make adjustments to ink levels where needed.

Final Touchpoints

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